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10 / 09 / 20

AvatarUX featured on BonusFinder CA

Earlier this week, our Managing Director Marcus Honney, sat down for a chat with Bonus finder, a Canadian facing site to discuss all things AvatarUX and our journey to date.

Together we explored several things that make AvatarUX unique and gave some insights into how we approach game development.

Firstly we discussed the PopWins™ series, which to date including PopRocks™,WildPops™, and the 3rd of the series CherryPop which was released just this week!

PopWins™ is proprietary technology to AvatarUX, and a stunning game mechanic that boost winning potential. In other words when you spin a win, your winning symbols each “pop” and expand the winning reels vertically area by 1 extra symbol, per symbol. This continues until no new wins occur, increasing gameplay and engagement.

We then moved into the very philosophical question of the inspiration behind our games which is very much founded in modernisation of classic slots, with PopRocks™, the theme is mythical with precious rocks that pop! With Wildpops™ the theme is more imperial Asian theme, with CherryPop the theme is very retro 90’s neon.

Next, we delved into customers, who they are, and how we aim to engage them and this is an easy one for us because our games have a broad target audience, things like the new buy-bonus feature added to CherryPop might appeal to a more professional player. On the topic of players, we also wanted to highlight that we are very customer feedback-driven, in the sense that we’ve received a lot of great feedback about the Popwins™ mechanic in general, our solid Math models allow the mechanic to drive stickiness and elongate gameplay. Each spin drives not only an opportunity to win but an extension to your gameplay. This on top of the classic wilds, multipliers, and big wins attributes to a unique gameplay experience.

Read the full interview on here