Framework User Xperience

Game Server Developer

As a new up and coming slot game developer, AvatarUX has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since inception 2019.
AvatarUX creates slot games for all digital platforms with a reach through European Regulated Markets and Asia. AvatarUX operates its own established PopWins™ mechanical framework family that has won us the Casino Beats Game Developer Award for Game Innovation in 2021. We are looking for super talented and passionate people to join our rapidly growing team. If you are a great Game Server developer that is passionate about the game logic side of things, you are a perfect fit!


Must Have

  • Good English and communication skills
  • Familiar with version control system and Continuous Integration workflow
  • Passionate about clean code and experienced in maintaining large codebases for long term projects
  • Great knowledge of Typescript and/or vanilla JavaScript ES6 proven with a minimum 3 years of experience with commercial products
  • Experience in Game Server development for casino games (slots)
  • Deep knowledge of OOP and practical usage of Design Patterns
  • Experience with OOP languages like Node JS, Java, C++, Python

Nice To Have

  • Passionate about math and algorithms
  • Experience in front-end libraries like React or jQuery (to build simple prototypes)


  • Working closely with Mathematicians in the Pre production team, Game Producer and other Developers on creating the best Player Experience in the market
  • Translating requirements into clean and efficient game code
  • Implementing audiovisual assets into the game client in collaboration with all team members
  • Looking at the design specifications of slot game designers and mathematicians
  • Implementing Game Servers based on math docs using our internal GDK written in TypeScript

Our Benefits


This is a tech job, but you are making games that players love – what can be better than this?


We are a gaming company, but we do not want you to crunch or do overtime. We want you to stay fresh, motivated and just simply enjoy your work.


We want to pay you a handsome salary so you can keep your mind off other offers.


We want you to take advantage of our WFH policy and use the time you would spend commuting to engage in cool hobbies that you previously did not get the chance to take up.


We want you to work on the best equipment that you enjoy using, so we will ask your advice when making the order.


We want to stay small and keep a flat structure for as long as possible, so forget about tangled org charts with people you never heard of.


We want you to feel comfortable at work, so we will not tolerate rudeness or cynicism. We’re here to work hard and enjoy the ride!


We are offering a full time employment contract, private healthcare