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07 / 14 / 21

Slot Battle by Fruity Slots featuring AvatarUX’s Games

Fruity Slots stream their latest slot battle as they take on AvatarUX’s games

Fruity Slots is one of the top online casino streaming channels, with almost 40,000 subscribers on youtube. On July 11, 2021, the team from Fruity Slots, battled it out on four top AvatarUX slots –  CherryPop™, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ and HippoPop™! Already viewed by over 18,000 fans – here’s an insight into Fruity Slots’ AvatarUX slot stream battle.

Fruity Slots take on AvatarUX slots in a Sunday Slot Battle Special

Fruity Slots has become a leading casino gaming streaming brands, with extremely popular slot reviews and insights, including their regular Sunday slot battles. The channel’s slot battle streams, has seen them feature slots from different leading studios.

But on Sunday July 11, 2021, Fruity Slots turned their attention to their hottest adventure yet – the premiere of their AvatarUX slot battle!

On a quest to gain the fun accolade, of being crowned the AvatarUX slot battle king, Sunday’s stream, featured Jamie, Josh and Scott, lining-up on the Fruity Slots youtube channel. The crew faced-off against each other, through several rounds on our top-rated CherryPop™, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ and HippoPop™ video slot games.

AvatarUX slots stream gets over 18,000 views

Using a similar format to their previous slot duels, the high-energy streamers played through the exciting bonus rounds on each slot, while also spinning for standard overall wins to gain points (or lose one for having the lowest feature score). With more than 18,000 views, just days after the stream was uploaded to social media, the AvatarUX Fruit Slots battle, is set to be one of the channel’s most popular streams, to date.

At the start of the stream, the guys explain how they were going to amp-up the fun and dare, by buying the bonuses in the selected AvatarUX slot games:They’ve each got a gamble mode. So the way we thought we’d do it, was to buy the bonuses…. one round with the first buy, then one round with the second gamble feature…”

With more than 18,000 views, just days after the stream was uploaded to social media, the AvatarUX, Fruit Slots battle, is set to be one of their most popular streams..!

Without giving away the results of the slot battle, which can be viewed via a replay of the stream,  it’s safe to say that the team got a great experience of the each game’s feature and volatile payout power – including some seriously impressive bonus rounds. Josh from Fruity Slots, gave us this recap of the AvatarUX slot battle:

“We’ve been seriously impressed by the way AvatarUX has burst onto the slot scene in the past year – and become a brand that hardcore slot fans have already taken to their hearts. So it was definitely time for us to put our AvatarUX favourites to the test, before a big audience. It’s fair to say that we have a heck of a lot of fun and got a real taste of the potential of the game’s features, wins and gamble modes.  We’re already excited about what AvatarUK will release next – and when we can do battle again!”

AvatarUX’s Managing Director, Marcus Honney, was also excited to be part of a high profile streaming channel, in the shape of Fruity Slots: ”Part of our brand marketing at AvatarUK, is to get our games exposure via high profile streamers, so we were delighted when we heard that the crew at Fruity Slots were set to go to battle, on CherryPop, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ and HippoPop™. They attacked the slots with plenty of dare and it was great to see them hit some great spins, especially on the CherryPop™ gamble mode!”

Watch the battle on the FruitySlots official website or on their YouTube channel