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The Multipop™ mechanic is the first variation of the successful and unique PopWins™ exclusive to the AvatarUX brand.

MultiPop™ Mechanic Explained

With a focus for constant innovation, our studio is continuously striving to offer the best player experience. We are continuously adding new features and exciting elements to our gameplay, and this is what helps us to stand out in an ultra-competitive environment.

After launching multiple titles with the innovative and thrilling PopWins™, we have decided to build on it and offer an equally exciting and versatile variation to further enhance the win potential in the titles featuring the mechanic.

Similarly to the PopWins™, Multipop™ is a feature that enhances win potential by creating exciting spin sequence.

Every time a player hits a winning combination, the symbols “Pop”and a multiplier is applied on the cell. The symbol is replaced and the multiplier is applied to the new symbol. If the replacement symbols are again part of a winning combination, the cell multiplier increases by 1, so each “pop” increases the cell multiplier. The more “pops”, the higher the multiplier. This MultiPop™ behaviour continues until there are no more winning combinations.

The Multipop™ is featured for the first time in the world of zombie infestation- Zombie aPOPalypse™ with more games in the pipeline!

The versatility of the feature makes it suitable for any game theme and slot type. The combination of simplicity and exciting win potential, with continuous multiplier growth, promises yet another iconic features that slot players will love.

Games with MultiPop™

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Zombie aPOPalypse™

Featuring exciting new features and our innovative MultiPop™ mechanic!

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