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The ZapReel™ feature is a completely new addition to the PopWins™ games, adding a fresh new layer of excitement to every spin.

ZapReel™ Mechanic Explained

With every game our strive is to deliver maximum excitement with fresh ideas that stir the gameplay in new and unique directions. While PopWins™ remain at the core of many of our games as a main driver for the thrilling player experience, we believe in constant innovation – and ZapReel™ is one of our latest answers to the ever-growing demand for exciting game play elements that work seamlessly with our core game mechanics to make allow it to reach new heights of riveting experience.


ZapReel™ offers a unique, horizontal reel above the main game machine that offers various rewards on every spin. Each of those rewards then activates and applies to any win on the reels below as long as that winline managed to activate it. This adds a new element of anticipation to every spin as well as helps display the great potential in a game by showing the various rewards possibilities.


But that is not all – the rewards can very much trigger simultaneously over a single win, cumulating into an explosive combo of multiple features overlapping to create a cascade of rewards. For example, in LooneyPop™, our first game featuring ZapReel™, a single win can occur thanks to Synced Reels reward, with added bonus multiplier that also expand the winning symbol across the entire height of the machine for a truly staggering win and excitement potential.


The feature is very flexible, as while the core behavior remains unchanged, types of rewards can be different from game to game, including such classic bonuses like Expanding Symbols, Multiplier values and additional Wilds but also completely new and riveting addition that will match the game theme and feel.

Games with ZapReel™

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