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We use a proprietary framework and tools that enable us to deliver feature-rich and audiovisually stunning games with extremely short loading times.

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Automatic Asset Optimization

Developed from the ground up by the AvatarUX team, this lightweight, Pixi.js-based framework is a breeze to work with while allowing us to showcase even the most complex visual effects designed by our talented art team. It provides a clear architecture making the creation of each new game easy and hassle free. Our developers can focus on making cool games instead of fixing bugs on various platforms and our artists can benefit from an asset optimisation pipeline.

The framework features:

  • Modular structure divided into meaningful packages
  • Extensible components allowing to redefine only the elements that are needed for a particular game
  • Responsive layout on all modern devices
  • Particle effects
  • Pixi filters
  • Full language support
  • Spritesheet support
  • Automatic spritesheet build and optimization
  • Built-in asset optimization
  • Great UI design


A custom tool assisting the Art Team with asset delivery to eliminate human error and make sure our guidelines and naming conventions are followed.

SIBWA provides the artists with a much needed template to populate with elements, allowing them to have a full overview of the work and track the progress of what has already been delivered.