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02 / 02 / 24

LooneyPop™ wins Best Bonus Buy Slot award!

AvatarUX has secured the prestigious Best Bonus Buy Slot title at the Kongebonus Awards 2023, receiving 31.08% of the vote share with its popular title LooneyPop™. This recognition underscores AvatarUX’s significant presence and innovative contributions to the digital gaming sector, particularly resonating with Norway’s online casino player community. The Kongebonus Awards, known for their unique approach of allowing the gaming community to vote, affirm that AvatarUX’s achievements are directly aligned with player preferences and interests.

In the energetic realm of Norway’s gaming industry, the Kongebonus Awards serve as a key indicator of excellence and innovation, distinguishing AvatarUX for its ability to captivate and engage the gaming audience. Winning in a newly introduced category, Best Bonus Buy Slot, AvatarUX demonstrates its pioneering spirit and dedication to enhancing the gaming experience with cutting-edge technology and creative solutions.

Following the award, the Head of Product & Product Strategy at AvatarUX- Hannah Farrugia gave an exclusive interview for the Kongebonus community, explaining the innovative features of LooneyPop™, what made the game stand out and how AvatarUX plans to continue innovating and capturing player interest in the future.

Read the full interview below: 

KB: 1. Winning the Best Bonus Buy Slot category at the Kongebonus Awards 2023 with LooneyPop™ is a significant achievement from Norwegian players. Could you share with us the creative process behind integrating the Bonus Buy feature in LooneyPop™? How does this feature enhance the gaming experience and resonate with players?

HF: We designed an experience in the bonus games where we wanted the players to feel like the game can give a huge win at any point in time. Through the rewards appearing on the ZapReel™, and the potential combinations of multipliers, synced reels and expanding symbols, the game offers tons of different combinations that can result in big wins. The key was to balance this with the game’s overall mechanics to ensure it adds value without disrupting the core gameplay. 

KB: 2. What do you believe sets LooneyPop™ apart from other slots in the market, leading to its success at the Kongebonus Awards? How does AvatarUX balance innovative gameplay with engaging player experience in its slot designs?

HF: LooneyPop™ stands out in the market due to its wacky and fun theme, innovative features like the PopWins™ mechanic along with ZapReel™. The game has a good amount of replay-ability too. The features on the ZapReel™, together with Popwins, leave a lot to the imagination. The player can think about hitting an instant 1000x multiplier, by combining three ‘10x’ multipliers on the ZapReel™, or they could land a combination of sync reels and expanding symbol with a high pay, that could lead to an explosive wins, plus many more combinations. Combined together with PopWins™, and up to 118,098 ways to win, that makes for an engaging experience. This balance is achieved by constantly listening to player feedback, iterating on our design and mechanics, and incorporating creative elements that make each slot experience unique and exciting.   

KB: 3. With the acclaim received for LooneyPop™, how does AvatarUX plan to continue innovating and capturing player interest in future slot releases? Are there any upcoming projects or features that you are particularly excited about introducing to the gaming community?

HF: Following the acclaim for LooneyPop™, AvatarUX plans to continue pushing the boundaries of slot game design. Innovation is at the forefront of our strategy, with a focus on developing new mechanics and features that can provide fresh and exciting experiences for players. We are particularly excited about exploring more interactive and immersive features, with the recent release of mechanics like Golden Ways, Xpops and Popscades, these are examples about how we’re constantly looking to push ourselves to the next level. We’ve got more games in store for the future, all incorporating Buy Bonus features. We definitely have some interesting games in development. I’m excited about our next releases concerning a world where the tiniest unlikely heroic creatures wearing epic armour engage in warfare and another game featuring unbelievable stories that emerge from a tropical state known for its wild headlines… stay tuned!

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