Triangle Circle
05 / 05 / 21

Mr Gamble plays AvatarUX slots on stream!

Recently, one of our partners, Mr Gamble put our latest slots to the test. The streamers from Mr Gamble played the latest AvatarUX games, TikiPop, BountyPop, CherryPop, and more on their popular livestream, sharing the excitement to thousands of viewers.

Jonas Kyllönen, the Chief Marketing Officer at Mr Gamble, said: “We had a blast playing the latest AvatarUX slots on our livestream. We have actually been playing these games regularly on our livestreams since their launch, but it was fun to just play these slots exclusively for a few hours straight. Of course, we still have a special place in our heart for BountyPop after landing a massive 11400x win playing it, but we were delighted to see that our audience also enjoyed other AvatarUX games. We are definitely going to keep playing these games on our livestreams as both our streamers and audience enjoy them.”