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02 / 05 / 21

PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop features in Yggdrasil’s Lucky March Promotion

AvatarUX Slots Star in Yggdrasil’s 80K Lucky March Promotion

AvatarUX PopWins™ games are set to feature in Yggdrasil’s 80K Lucky March promotion in 2021! This accolade, gives us the honour of being the first studio on the YGS Masters platform, to have an exclusive promotion in conjunction with Yggdrasil: The 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop. Learn more about the 20K PopWins™ slot promotion and how you can add it to your casino, to offer players one of the hottest promotions in 2021….


The PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop, is the second part of Yggdrasil’s 80K Lucky March promotion, which is running between Match 1-14 2021, at affiliated casinos.

When you become lobby-ready for this promotion, you can offer players two unique promos:

Paddy’s Day Slot Tournament: During the first phase of the Lucky March promotion between March 1-11, players can take part in a St Paddy’s Tournament. This promotion, features over 500 leaderboard prizes (€25 – €10,000) – winnable by achieving a multiplier score on any Yggdrasil game in the promotion (Syncronite, Hades, Valley of the Gods, Reel Desire, Valley of the Gods 2, Vikings Go Wild, Multifly!).

Once players have played the Paddy’s Day Tournament – it’s time for AvatarUX! Lovers of these Yggdrasil slots, will love the chance to delve into the 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop, which features a range of AvatarUX slots – created on the YGS Masters platform.


Following the Paddy’s Day Slot Tournament, in the first phase of Yggdrasil’s Lucky March Promotion – it’s time for our exclusive 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop. Our special promotion, will run at affiliated casinos, between March 12 2021 (00:01 CET) and March 14 (23:59 CET) – featuring four exclusive PopWins™ series slots: BountyPop™, CherryPop™, WildPops™ and TikiPop™.

Casinos offering the 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop (as part of Yggdrasil’s 80K Lucky March promotion), will instantly align themselves with one of the most exciting slot promotions available to players in 2021. From low bet levels, to hundreds of prizes and jackpot style wins up to €5,000 – PopWins™ Prize Drop is guaranteed to be a hit:

  • Spin & win > Players can spin on any of BountyPop™, CherryPop™, WildPops™ and TikiPop™ with real money bets for a chance to win random prizes during the promotion.
  • Almost 500 prizes > Every new bet creates one chance to win random prizes from €10 – €5,000
  • Big money jackpot style wins > Lucky spinners land the 1 x €5,000, 2 x €1,000 and 4 x €500 drops!
  • Multiple chances to win > Players can win multiple prizes if lucky
  • Open to every budget > PopWins™ promo has no minimum real money bet size
  • Player retention > At least one of the biggest prizes is guaranteed to drop during the last 5% of the promotion – keeping players spinning throughout the duration of the prize drop!
Featured gamesHow to WinPrize Money
BountyPop™CherryPop™WildPops™TikiPop™Every real money money bet on featured AvatarUX slots, creates a chance of a Prize Drop!€20,000 random prize drops
Prizes1 x €5,000, 2 x €1,000, 4 x €500, 5 x €200, 10 x €100, 76 x €50, 150 x €20, 220 x €10

Trending Games Makes PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop a Winner!

The success of AvatarUX PopWins™ games, in 2020 and into 2021, is set to make the PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop, a huge hit at online casinos. The promotion features three established slots in the guise of BountyPop™, CherryPop™, WildPops™ – accompanied by the hot-trending 2021 release, TikiPop™! In addition to offering players of every level, the chance of mystery prizes on every new real money spin, the promotion’s games also offer the unique appeal of the PopWins™ bonus – a feature that can expand the reels and trigger potentially huge lucky wins.

Lobby Ready: Offer Players 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop

As part of Yggdrasil’s Lucky March promotion, PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop, is set to become 2021’s best trending slot promo, released to date. Thanks to our seamless platform, online casinos can easily integrate the Yggdrasil Lucky March promotion, to offer players the Paddy’s Day Tournament – and 20K PopWins™ Prize Drop! Once lobby-ready, it’s easy for players to opt-in to the promotion and enjoy the two phases of the promo:

  • Integrate your casino with Yggdrasil/AvatarUX platform
  • Promote the promotion to your players (18+ from Gibraltar, Malta, or UK)
  • Players click on the promotion’s ‘Join Now’ pop-up when they sign-in
  • Players can play the Paddy’s Day Tournament and PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop

If you’re ready to make your casino lobby-ready to host the Yggdrasil’s Lucky March promotion, inclusive our AvatarUX’s PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop – then you can get started instantly via the options below:

  1. Existing casinos: If you’re already registered with the Yggdrasil/AvatarUX network, then simply fill in your details on our sign-up form too get lobby-ready.
  2. New casinos: New to the Yggdrasil/AvatarUX network? Then fill-in our registration form to start your journey to becoming lobby-ready.
  3. Contact us: If you’d prefer, you can request a call-back to discuss adding the Yggdrasil’s Lucky March promotion & AvatarUX PopWins™ 20K Prize Drop to your casino. Simply email us at [email protected] and request a call-back.

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